Beyond Human, a multidisciplinary art exhibition

Twenty artists of the Tree Veneration Society Inc. will present their annual multidisciplinary art exhibition Arboreal Narratives 2022 from March 4 to 14 at the Chrissie Cottier Gallery.

Opening night performance of Gapu (water) by Blak Douglas and Trevor Brown

This exhibition features the artwork of Kassandra Bossell, Paula Broom, Rachel Carroll, Melinda Clyne, Blak Douglas, Margaret England, Amanda Farquharson, Jude Fowler-Smith, Louise Fowler-Smith, Jade Gunn, Jan Garben, Elizabeth Gervay, Jane Green, Terhi Hakola, Hobart Hughes, Adrienne Hunt, Janet Kossy, Jenny Orchard, Liz Perfect, Sally Reinhardt, Sue Stevens, Jane Theau and Miho Watanabe.

“It’s exciting to bring together 20 diverse artists using a variety of materials to reflect on the current state of our relationship with the non-human world”

Curator and exhibiting artist Kassandra Bossell

The Tree Veneration Society is a group of creatives who love trees, their regenerative power and their symbiotic relationships with earth systems. They join with contemporary scientists, other artists, thinkers, philosophers and indigenous peoples of the world to change the way we value and respect all sentient beings, both zoological and vegetal on our beautiful planet, with particular emphasis on the tree. 

Works in the exhibition reflect the artists’ individual responses to the contemporary condition of the natural world, especially trees and their ecosystems, and includes photographs, sculpture, film, painting, drawing and installation.  

Exhibition dates

Exhibition runs: 4 – 13 March 2022

Opening: Friday 4 March 6 – 9pm. Will feature not only artworks, but also the incredible music of Trevor Brown playing a variety of wind instruments with Blak Douglas on Yidaki.

Special gallery hours: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 6pm 

Address: Chrissie Cottier Gallery, 31A Pidcock St, Camperdown