Artist Statement 2021

With a view to exploring local and significant terrains through “the walk”, Amanda Farquharson has drawn from the elements – utilising trees, earth, and found natural curiosities in these environments, to describe landscape and its histories in sculptures and works on paper.

Working within a multi disciplinary practice including traditional & adapted techniques of weaving, twining, eco-dyeing, pigment pours, mixed media drawing and sculptural works with “found in terrain” resources and tree elements, (earth, roots, twigs, barks, leaves, feathers, nests, eggs etc.) to create organic sculptural works and paintings.

Acknowledging the interactive relationship between significant trees and the earth in which they grow, Farquharson also seeks to identify the nature and impact of the substrata. Deriving both pigments and plant material from walks and explorations in site-specific and significant natural environments in creating a body of work comprised of arboreal sculptures and bark/leaf/root pigmented works on paper, silk & linens.

Farquharson completed an MA in Fine Arts at UNSW A&D in 2014 to consolidate her diverse creative arts practice. Her career spanning 30 years, includes Mural painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking, Weaving, Painted finishes, Trompe l’oiel & Gilding. 

Farquharson has exhibited with the Tree Veneration Society in 

  • “Arboreal Narrative 2020” at Sheffer Gallery, Chippendale
  • “Arboreal Narrative 2019”  at Grace Cossington Smith Gallery 2019
  • “Beams Festivals” Chippendale 2014 – 2018


  • Works on Paper”  Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea 2016
  • “Walking with Trees” Kudos Gallery, Paddington 2013