The Tree Veneration Society Inc is a transdisciplinary, contemporary eco-arts collective based in Sydney, that is focused on trees, their ecosystems, and human interactions with them. 


We aim to inspire our audience to respect the natural world and commit to protecting it. We do this by offering sensorial experiences with nature through our intergenerational workshops, combining environmental education with art, and our multidisciplinary exhibitions and events.

Our collective commitment ensures we are a catalyst for change. We draw on the power of nature and art to transcend culture and language barriers, to pull diverse communities together, and facilitate inclusivity.  We create space for reflection, conversation and action.


Our vision is to foster a society that appreciates and protects trees and nature and understands the value they offer all living beings.  We educate about the vital, life enhancing, yet often intangible services that trees offer human societies and make apparent their importance to the non-human species that inhabit, feed and live off them. 

What we do

We deliver an annual exhibition entitled Arboreal Narratives; each iteration varies to include diverse forms of communication – other artforms, specialist speakers, and community workshops.  Our artists offer ongoing classes and performances as required. Our workshop facilitators have Working with Children clearance and we have public liability insurance.

Short and long term plans

Going forwards, our short-term plan is to extend our programming to spaces in Western Sydney and further afield.  Longer term plans include a touring program to regional centres in NSW with an emphasis on public engagement.

Collaborate with us

We have charity status and operate with ethics, respect, compassion, innovation and quality in all that we do. We have a growing membership that includes not only artists, but also scientists, poets, musicians, teachers and others, all bound together by one commonality: a love and respect for trees and nature.

We love to collaborate with like-minded organisations and individuals. If you’d like to collaborate or partner with the Tree Veneration Society on a project, please get in touch with us at