Artist Statement 2021

Rachel Carroll has been a practicing artist for over 20 years. An expressionist and an environmentalist painter Rachel prefers to paint about locations that are surviving rather than focus on an area that is in demise.

It has always been Carroll’s focus to bring the “bush to the city”, in the hope that others will connect with nature. Art acts as a little reminder to go visit and love the “greater green”, as she calls it. One example of this happening is when a client bought one of her largest drawings of the Coorong, only to then drive 14 hours to find the same location. Before this moment they had not been to this part of Australia before.

“If an artwork can inspire someone to drive 14 hours to find the same view and experience nature, then I feel I have done my job as an artist.” R.Carroll 

After living and painting in Scotland for nearly three years and painting the cities of Edinburgh, New York & Sydney, Carroll was compelling to find a deeper meaning in her art. Returning to Australia to begin a MASTERS degree in 2006 Carroll found that meaning on the front page of the SMH. The demise of the Coorong was a feature article, and so began her journey. Since 2006 Carroll has been to a new location on the Murray Darling River Basin every year, and each year has been a new body of work. Carroll often camps and paints on location for a week to engage with nature, local bush rangers, scientists and the local Aboriginal tribe, if possible. This entire collection from 2006 to to 2014 will be displayed in an exhibition in 2019 ( watch this space)

Carroll also teaches, runs workshops & demonstrates to share her passion for nature and painting. ” Art is ultimately a way to communicate an idea or a way to better understand our natural world and immerse yourself in an experience of nature. Art teaches us to look again and much like music art is here to engage the soul.” R.Carroll 2018


How trees communicate, 2023, Mixed media on canvas