Artist Statement 2020

Elizabeth Gervay was born in Australia. Her Hungarian parents delighted in being Australians and found that a handshake meant friendship, honesty and truth. They would speak English from the day they reach their new country ensuring that their children would be Australian citizens, have a secure life, eat Vegemite sandwiches and meat pies with mushy peas.

Elizabeth’s creative abilities touched music, singing, dancing, theatre and art but with due respect of her parents she became a teacher… art does not earn you a living.

But her creative spirit found a place in an innovative educational system – The Creative Arts Centre – catering for over 90 students a day, then completing her BA Fine Arts at College of Fine Arts (COFA) and establishing whilst dutifully attending to her mother’s and father’s family business.

Both parents passed away by in 2005 and in 2009. Elizabeth returned to her artistic life. Elizabeth is completing her Master of Art at COFA.

Elizabeth received a scholarship to Japan in 2012 and was awarded an artist residency in Spain for 2013.

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Instagram: @elizabethgervay
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