Artist Biography 2021

Sue Stevens is an ecological restoration practitioner who currently works in local government and private consulting. Sue’s professional work is centered on healing country by restoring the plants, habitat and character of place to disturbed and urbanised landscapes, while aiming to create resilient vegetation communities that can keep up with our changing climate.   

A wholistic, action-focused practitioner with an eye for detail, Sue’s work also encompasses the importance of plants and nature for human health and is involved in associated community engagement projects, including past projects with Birdlife Australia and Peats Ridge Festival. Sue is also a qualified meditation teacher who practices ‘deep listening’.

Sue brings a practical approach to establishing, re-establishing and maintaining ecosystems, based on over a decade of working in the field. Her studies in fine art at Melbourne Polytechnic and ecology at the University of New England, where she graduated with a Master of Natural Resources in 2007, bring both theoretical and scientific aspects to her interest in the space where nature meets art. Her revegetation projects show her connection to the land where she works and are designed in the landscape, rather than on a screen. In her photography practice, Sue explores and documents urban and natural landscapes and the elements. 

Sue has and continues to work collaboratively with The Tree Veneration Society (, having been involved with The Beams Festival – Chippendale, Green Square Arts & Community Initiative, and The Auburn Refugee Centre.