We offer a range of nature based art workshops for all ages to enjoy. Please send us an email to discuss bookings at 

1. Discovering trees via our senses
‘Discovering trees via our senses’ is a science/art based program that engages all 5 senses.

Take macro photos of trees using an Olloclip lense on your phone. Discover details in their bark & seeds & the veins on the leaves.

Listen to the living heart beat of trees using headphones. Have you ever wondered how a tree transports water from the soil to its leaves? Can you hear the sound of water?

Taste a tree from root to fruit and explore the many sensory experiences trees offer us.

Create wild & wonderful sculptures with twine, twigs and found organic materials.
( Ages 5 & up )

2. Komorebi – Canopy collage
Make a delicate light filtering ‘canopy’ collage. Inspired by the Japanese word ‘Komorebi’ – which literally means sunlight filtering through leaves.
( Ages 8 & up )

3. Frottage
Explore the many textures of nature by taking rubbings of fallen leaves and plant matter.
( All ages )

4. Tre Beauty – Shadow tree drawing
Take a line for a walk in and around the shadowed branches of a tree allowing your imagination to intertwine with its natural form.
( Ages 8 & up )

5. How Trees Converse
A mixed media sculpture workshop where participants explore the dynamics of mutualistic association between trees and mycorrhizal fungi.

We will build sculptures of trunks of trees, extending the branches up to a shared canopy and create roots downward to meet the mycorrhizal network. (Mycorrhizae are symbiotic relationships that form between fungi and plants)
( All ages )