Bark Rubbings taken from surrounding trees or collected bark samples.

Take rubbings from tree bark, so that its texture is revealed! You see a different world appear from these marks and can imagine the life it provides with its mounds and dips, all the time too, protecting the tree.

Created by Liz Perfect

Workshop Description

1. Participants will be shown how to use the materials to make the rubbings, whether from bark already gathered, or from surrounding trees. Best worked in pairs so one person can assist another in holding the paper to help the person making the frottage.

Materials provided are 4 or 6 B graphite stick used on its side or chalk pastels

4 yrs – 12yrs

2. Students will be encouraged to view pictures on display showing insects and animals that inhabit or make use of the tree for life, and if desired, to incorporate these or imaginary creatures on their frottages/drawings. This can be using pencils or colour chalk pastels.

A workshop suited to all ages, (under 8 with parental support).