Temple Tree Day

A day of nature and artistic celebration!

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a garden lover, or simply looking to explore the Nan Tien Temple, this event offers a range of nature inspired activities and workshops that are fun for the whole family. Lots of free events for this tree – mendous day 🌳

Highlight: Buddhist Tree Blessing ceremony | Free to attend or you may wish pay $10 to receive your Buddhist blessed bottlebrush native seedling to take home to plant.

Program Details & Timetable

Nan Tien Temple has teamed up with the Tree Veneration Society artists to bring you Temple Tree Day. Immerse yourself in a day of tree celebration. Take time out to create a day for Buddhist practice to honour trees and your creative well-being at the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere. By taking home your Buddhist blessed tree to plant, together we will create a ‘Field of Commitment’, an interconnected expanded art practice originated from Emerita Professor Shelley Sacks, UK.

Details on the day

You will love this day if you are:                                                           

  • Nature lover, gardener, bee protector  
  • Looking to learn more about Buddhism for daily practice                             
  • Conservation supporter                                                                       
  • Health and wellness enthusiast
  • Families with children
“Our collective commitment ensures we are a catalyst for change”.

Louise Fowler-Smith, President & Artist, Tree Veneration Society, Sydney.

Tree Day Activities

1. Buddhist Blessing Tree Ceremony – Main Shrine | Free – $10 | 🪴

Join us for a monastic-led short ceremony. Free to attend or pay $10 to receive a Buddhist blessed native tree seedling (bottle brush) to plant at home and has a yellow band symbolic of your commitment to nurture nature. Experience the expanded art practice called ‘field of committment

2. Tree Veneration Society Temple Garden Tour | Free | 45 min 🌳

Part storytelling, part performance, join this informative guided walking tour with professional artists and committed conservationists from the Tree Veneration Society. Sharing their expertise, you’ll discover the secrets behind the symbolism and significance of the designs within a Chinese Buddhist Garden.

3. Giant Bodhi Tree Chalk Mural | Free | Drop in 9am – 4pm 🎨

Work alongside artists from the Tree Veneration Society to help draw the giant mural of a Bodhi Tree. Perfect photo opportunity and great creative fun. Soft matts provided.

4. Tree Meditation | Free | 45 min 🧘🏽10am – 10.45 am

Tree Meditation is a profound practice that involves immersing yourself in the presence of trees to cultivate a deep connection with nature, the wisdom of trees and absorb their tranquil vibrations. A very grounding experience. Join us amongst the tranquil grove of trees and bird songs

5. Tree Creature Workshop + Listen to the recorded inner sounds of a Tree| Free | Drop in 9am – 2pm 🌱

Bind, weave and twine interesting tree elements to assemble imaginative creatures with Tree Veneration Society artist Amanda Farquharson. A workshop suited to all ages (< 12’s with parents). Listen the recording of the inside of trees with headphones.

6. Backyard Beekeeping with Rachel Peedom from BeeInspired | Free | Drop in 9am – 2pm 🐝

Take another step towards sustainability and help the natural world thrive. Planting trees helps our pollinators. Why not take the next step to becoming a backyard beekeeper. Highly educational and hands on, you will see inside the hive and learn loads more about this delicious hobby.  

7. Mindful drawing classes with Kathy Karas | $10 | 11am – 11:45am 🖼️

Enjoy another form of meditation and experience the temple gardens in a new way. Take your pencil for a walk. You will learn new techniques and approaches to produce several sketches of the gardens.  Experience the temple gardens in new ways.

8. Tai Chi | Free | Drop in 9.30-10.00am  

Start the day with the gentle movements of Tai Chi, one of the most effective exercises for a healthy mind and body. Join the group at the Nan Tien Health & Wellbeing Markets, Nan Tien Institute side.