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13 August – Centennial Parklands ‘Science in the Swamp’, 11am–3pm


As part of ‘Sydney Science Festival 2016’ the Tree Veneration Society will be hosting several tree based workshops over 2 separate days. We will be encouraging members of the public to come and explore trees with us via the senses! For more information and to book a session, keep on reading!


Discover more about the life of trees through your senses and imagination with the help of the Tree Veneration Society. The society aims to reconnect people through listening, touching, seeing, smelling and imagining the tree, while acknowledging its attributes.


You will use traditional technology to make art and explore different creative activities inspired by trees.


And on the new technology side, workstations with listening devices will help you to hear the trees via the expertise of a researcher who is completing his PhD in this area. Olloclips will also be provided for your smartphone camera to visually explore the components of the trees and see them at a macro scale.


Participants will be encouraged to share the day’s events and activities through a photo competition on social media. (Due to Instagram regulations, participants must be 13yrs and over.)


Thank you to Olloclip for their generous sponsorship of our ‘seeing pod’.  For more information about the Olloclips used in our workshops please click here.




  • listening to the trees through special listening devices
  • taking macro photos of aspects of the trees through the use of Olloclips that can be attached to smartphones
  • tasting and smelling the trees through a tea ceremony
  • drawing the tree
  • taking rubbings of fallen plant material that can be turned into adornments to venerate a favourite tree

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We will have 3 ‘pods’ set up for everyone to get involved in.
To ensure you get a chance to participate, book a session below by clicking on the Eventbrite logo related to the ‘pod’ you are interested in.


Listen to life within the trees using recently developed technology.


Microphones will be attached to the outer skin of the paperbark tree, and connected to headphones that will allow you to hear the sound of the life within the tree.


Hear the sap moving through the tree’s veins and to the insect activity in the bark, and to how the tree responds to and interacts with its environment.


When: Saturday, 13 August 2016 from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Where: Lachlan Swamp – Centennial Park, NSW 2021


Led by Vincent Wozniack-O’Conner, Tamryn Bennett and Louise Fowler-Smith.


Click on the Eventbrite logo below to book in for a session, starting every half hour.




See the trees close-up and photograph their bark and tiny ecosystems using macro photography with Olloclips that attach to your smart phone camera, allowing the microsopic aspects of the tree to be seen larger than life.


You can also draw what you see from this experience onto paper.


Photograph and tag your drawings inspired by this experience with #TVScreatives16 to go into our online gallery.


Register for your half hour session in between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm. Please note that for security purposes, in order to borrow an Olloclip, photo ID will be required.


Follow the Tree Veneration Society on Facebook and Instagram.  Tag your macro photos to #TVSScience16 to go into our social media competition to win yourself an Olloclip for your phone. Terms and Conditions here


Led by Paula Broom, Louise Fowler-Smith  and Liz Perfect. Generously sponsored by Olloclip.


When: Saturday, 13 August 2016 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM (AEST)
Where: Lachlan Swamp – Centennial Park, NSW 2021


Click on the Eventbrite logo below to book in for a session, starting every half hour.




Touch, Smell and Taste the paperbark trees.


Participate in a tea ceremony and taste paperbark leaf tea.


Smell the essential oils produced by the paperbark tree’s leaves – used for healing for centuries.


Make rubbings of trees on paper to capture the the shapes and textures of the trees’ branches, bark, and leaves.  These rubbings will be strung together in a necklace to venerate a favourite tree.


When: Saturday, 13 August 2016 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Where: Lachlan Swamp – Centennial Park, NSW 2021


Led by Amanda Farquharson, Elizabeth Gervay, Sue Stevens and Lorraine Shannon.


Click on the Eventbrite logo below to book in for a session, starting every half hour.



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