Date18th August
Where: Lachlan Swamp, Centennial Parklands   #7 at the ‘Science Stalls’
When: 11:00AM to 3:00PM
Cost: FREE

As part of ‘National Science Week 2018’ the Tree Veneration Society will be hosting several tree based workshops in Centennial Parklands, Sydney. This years theme for Science in the Swamp is ‘Dinosaurs vs Superpowers’ and we want one and all to come and explore the super powers of trees with us.

Join one of our creative art workshops as we celebrate one of natures great ancient superheroes!


Shadow Tree – Led by artist Liz Perfect
Wished you could touch that highest branch? Now on this Older than Dinosaur form of life, the Tree – you can!

No Tree – no you no me – Led by artist Amanda Farquharson
Make creative compositions from the natural elements & found floral fragments of Centennial Park.

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of all things science, held in August each year. Super keen on science and getting involved? Connect with Science Week now #scienceweek, or visit their website