Kassandra Bossell

Artists Statement 2019


I am a Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist, working in sculpture and installation. A recent postgraduate of UNSW Art and Design, I completed an MFA (research) titled Humans inside Nature: Co-agency in Multi-species Art.


My artwork focuses on human relationships within nature, exploring experiential, cultural and ecological interconnectivity. As an artist and environmental activist, my concerns are for communities both human and non-human affected by climate change and other ecological impacts of the Anthropocene. Working with materiality and scale, I explore the interconnection of life forms through processes of transformation and cycles of life and death. My work engages interactive perspectives by connecting with science, imagination and memory.


Often in response to specific sites or environments, my work is at once highly personal and enmeshed in a wider discourse about the human role within nature. Whilst retaining the situated relevance of local knowledges, this connection to wider contexts reflects and helps to manifest my interest in links between micro and macro worlds.


Life-long learning is a core value for me. I have been on many trips to Arnhem Land, learning from the indigenous Yolgnu nation whilst facilitating workshops, offering artist to artist skills and celebrating culture on remote communities by making sculpture and painting. I have lectured in Sculpture at the National Art School and held courses and workshops at universities, colleges and festivals around Australia.


My current research area revolves around mutualism in the fields of ecology, post-humanist philosophy, evolutionary biology and ecofeminist art. I often work collaboratively and mentor other artists, students and interested community members. For my public art projects, I collaborate with colleagues and scientists to create transdisciplinary works. I am presently developing artworks about collaborative systems, cycles and dynamics through transdisciplinary work with philosophy and science.