Guillermo (Memo) Bátiz is Mexican composer and sound artist living in Sydney, Australia. Since 2004, Memo has composed and performed with musical ensembles across multiple international avant-garde festivals such as MUTEK, Plataforma and Interface, alongside musicians like Murcof, Sigur Rós, Telefon Tel Aviv, Manrico Montero and Justice. His releases include “Can’t explain it” (New Weird Latin America, 2017), ‘Things I whisper in your ear’, (Vice, 2014)  ‘Solar blood’, (MTV, 2012), “Yui” and ‘Enough about me, let’s talk about me’, (Cyan Records, 2006).

Memo’s latest project is “The Plant Symphony”, an audio-visual installation created in collaboration with leading biologists and unique ecosystems to compose music using the bio-emissions of plants. The project has encompassed residencies and installations at Centennial Park, the Australian Botanic Garden, BEAMS Festival, Bundnaon Trust, Wollongong Art Gallery and Bosque de Chapultepec (Mexico).