Artist Statement 2022

Most of my artwork over the years has been in oil, watercolour and inks in series including “Tree Portraits.” In my current series “Habitats,” works are acrylic inks and paints and collaged papers and paint. The concept is that our wild habitats are both vital and threatened.
In the first 15 pieces, stylised trees and coral are treated as representatives of all habitats by referencing two that we are most familiar with (forests & oceans) and that we – at least somewhat – understand. Similarly, fish and birds represent the 1000s of life forms that inhabit and depend upon those habitats.  Because we now know that habitats are intimately connected, and trees and many other living species communicate and even cooperate with others of their kind as well as across species, I’ve mixed up the birds and fish – fish are in both water and trees, and birds are everywhere.  There is also some deliberate ambiguity about trees and coral, air and water environments.
In my most recent works, individual habitats are the focus: “Rain Forest,”
Mangroves” and “Tropical Peatswamp Forest.” All of the habitat series pieces are decorative but meant to also carry a message: these are important, they’re threatened & we need to do something.  The message remains quiet and subtle but, I hope, effective.

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