Artist Statement 2020

I am a Sydney-based artist, printmaker, and poet. Trees and wildflowers have long inspired me, ever since my parents strapped me on their backs for bushwalks, and I explored the nearby Kuring-gai bush. Mangroves, rainforests, and gums have featured often in my artworks. The majesty, complexity, variety, and uniqueness of trees draw us to enjoy, wonder, and delight in nature around us. Trees point us to things higher, deeper, and bigger than us, connecting us to meaning in life. On recently returning to creative art practices, I have taken up trees as my subject again. They are important to my spiritual experiences and knowledge of the Creator, the artist of the scribbly gum. In my art and writing, I focus on how trees interact with humans, feature in stories, are sacred to Indigenous Australians, and connect to our spirituality. I use various media, including recycled and natural material, like leaves, to create collages, etching, and collagraph prints, primarily on paper. Art can remind and inspire people to value, respect, and protect trees.

Instagram: @jeanburke76