Cradle your EGGS in a Woven Nest. Make naturally dyed alpaca fleece felted eggs and create a woven nest. 

Created by Elizabeth-Anne Gervay

Workshop Description 

The egg symbolizes a primeval embryonic form from which the world later emerged.  

It is the very beginning of the potential of new life often utilised in religious practices to symbolise fertility and eternity, carrying with it a new start and renewal.

Here in this workshop, the eggs are made from a felting practice that requires fleece, liquid soap and water.  The fleece is that of the alpaca, the first introduced wool animal to Australia.  Some of the fleece has been dyed with natural vegetation and fruits, such as rosemary leaves, blueberries, and hibiscus, adding the rainbow colours of diffusion to the woven nest.

The woven nest is made of Alexander palm tree fronds. These are immersed in water, ready to be woven into nests. 

Added are strings and things (found), just like the bower bird.

A must workshop at Easter time or National Tree Day when the interdependence of trees, homes, nests, birds and even rabbits are acknowledged. 

Elizabeth-Anne Gervay’s art practice has always revolved around Transformation and Renewal. It is a part of nature including humans.