Blak Douglas

This piece was one of a breakaway series exploring the ephemeral. I was on a mission to produce works that had the least carbon footprint as possible. Considering the environmental costs of manufacturing either cotton canvas or worse… linen, I began developing the concept of creating what I would later coin – ‘5D art’. (Both 2D & 3D at the same time). This piece is constructed of eucalyptus branches, a 1950’s discarded coffee table and a chair leg.

The notion behind this artwork is a finger – pointing at corruption in Aboriginal Art and the ensuing nepotism commensurable with hierarchical ordinance. Many are unaware of the veritable mafioso operative that has enjoyed a prosperous reign for more than three decades now. The hand written comment ‘They wouldn’t know culture if it hit them in their two faces’ is a paradoxical quip, in reference to the orchestrations of the Aboriginal art establishment. The black boomerang (chair leg) is myself imprisoned within the confines of the institutional gate keeping (red bars).


Coin Flip Culture, 2012, Mixed Media