Menindee Fish Kill
Eaglehawk looking after Country, 1992, Linocut print on paper and Menindee Fish Kill, 2023, Linocut print on paper

Badger Bates

In the summer of 2018-2019, millions of fish died in the Baaka at Menindee. Through the beautiful river red gum trees with ancient canoe and coolamon scars, you will see the skeletons of the fish that died at the end of 2018 and the dead and dying fish in early 2019. It was like a massacre, our people cried and cuddled the dying Parntu (cod), our ancestor and creator, it is us. The little Nhaampa (bony bream) are the totem of many Barkandji people, it was like family dying in front of you. The Kunpali, Yamaka and Pangula, our food and medicine, gasped for oxygen. The sky between the trees at the top lights everything up, it is hope for the future.