Arboreal Narratives 2020 index

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"And when all that was left was ashes, she would again clothe herself in flame. Rising from the dust of
This assemblage of found objects refers to the story of Noah and the Ark, when the dove brings the first
Natural history drawing demands dedication. The artist must closely observe their subject matter, taking time to appreciate and learn its
Artist: Hobart Hughes
View Sacrifice This work was begun on the Greeks island of Kefalonia. The video follows the path up the mountain of
Mangroves are marvellous. When I first met them I became an explorer in gumboots, a scientist with metre string, an
This 'icon of resilience' was created in response to the sight of the bush recovery, since the devastating inferno last
Acrylic painting on board 460mm x 600mm This painting is one of a series of iconic trees of Australia, each
Extinction Peril Australia has been named as one of the worlds worst performers on biodiversity. There has been an increase
Charcoal Tree 1 This detail is one of a series of silkscreens on paper. I wanted to portray the extent
Emotional impact of devastating loss and the constant tidal wash of charred debris on the eastern coastal beaches, from the
Charred - Amanda Farquharson
Arboreal environment on the NSW east coast woodlands was devastatingly impacted with firestorms early 2020. This was followed by extreme
Part of a larger body of tree works in clay, '1:46:37.29' is a timed moment of focus, where Green memorialises