On 24 November, 6 – 8 pm, the art show, Canopy, opens at the Chippendale Child Care Centre, Pine Street.

Celebrating trees at the Centre by venerating them.

Australian artist, Pia May Courtley explores traces of human intervention on the natural landscape. Juxtaposing natural/found materials with synthetic ones she has created a web of handmade leaves, which hang delicately from a eucalyptus tree.

Canadian artist, Lauren Tregenza created the leaf shelter using recycled plastics, which were layered to produce leaves with varying colours and textures, each one unique. This technique allows for the artwork to be made out of recycled materials, showing the potential usefulness of otherwise forgettable litter.

Japanese/Australian artist Miho Watanabe is interested in the collective unconscious of all living forms. She combines children’s drawings with that of her own left hand drawings and has attached these to the Tree for the children to enjoy and respond to.

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