Jade Gunn


Utopia Realised! The perfect balance between urban and natural growth has been found! Joyfully, we approach paradise… But…

Would the guardians of the Garden of Eden let us in?

Mother Nature has been forced to get gnarly and fight back in a world where human dominance over urban landscape is no longer a given.

Focusing on the survival and evolution of our natural environment this work aims to engage with the idea of urban trees evolving bigger and better seeds that hang precariously overhead. This perfect garden has evolved to protect itself from us so people and plants can live together with mutual respect and limitless potential.

Over-sized seed balls (approx. 5-10 balls of various size ranging from 20-70 cm in diameter) made from Styrofoam, paper mache and found seedlings to both hang from a tree and be gathered around the base of tree mimicking the natural cycle of regeneration displayed by ‘Sweet Gum’ or Liquidambar styraciflua trees, famed for their spikey seed balls that litter the ground.

While not considered veneration, this work is inspired by my involvement with the Tree Veneration Society and does aim to bring focus and recognition to the essential role of trees and plant life in our urbanized environments and personal connections to the land.