Spirited Pet Bottles, Beams Festival, 2014

Miho Wanatabe

2012 was the beginning of the PetBottle project (facebook, petbottles), which continued in 2013 at the Beams Festival, Chippendale. It is at the Beams Festival 2012 that they found their place together as a family. The pets were strange and quirky but they belonged. The PetBottle project started in 2012 at Beams Festival, continuing in 2013, where the lost petbottles found place together with their family. The Pets who found their life in the Petbottles became quirkier and stranger – but they all belonged to the PetBottle Community. Beams Festival 2014, the pets of the pet bottle community are ready to be spirited away to their Utopia. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find any PetBottles from 2012, but 2013 PetBottles had a lot of fun in a process of finding them. I am proposing 2014 Beams Festival for “Spirited PetBottle Project” which the PetBottles are happily spirited to take their journey away to Utopia. Some of the pictures posted on PetBottle Project facebook pages are illuminated and memorize the journey they took. And hopefully they want to stay in our memories which I should call the Utopia

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