‘PICK ME! TAKE ME! PLANT ME!’, Beams Festival, 2014

Rachael Vosila


Biological Utopia can be recognised as a place of abundance with lush forests, filled with light and trickling streams. Recognizing that the tree is a haven for shelter, food, oxygen and is capable of many off springs.

“Pick Me Take Me Plant Me” is a work consisting of a nursery of over 300 tree seedlings that venerate a mother tree. This nursery will be created by utilising recycled and biodegradable planter pots and with the guidance of an environmental scientist the seedlings will be from native trees found in the Chippendale Arts Precinct. This work will be interactive where the audience of Chippendale Festival will be able to pick, take and plant an off spring. Each taker will have the possibility to nurture new mothers. This is the beginning of a biological utopia where each native seedling is cared for and nurtured, creating a forest of trees – a native biological utopia.

Beams Festival audience (and new parent/carers) will be encouraged to participate via social media (instagram) where updates will be posted on the seedlings growth. A human community involved in the creation of a biological utopia.





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