Parasite, Beams Festival, 2014

Living in an era where we are becoming increasingly aware of the extent of our impact on the environment on a global scale means that we are being forced to re-adjust not only how we perceive nature and the world around us but our role within it and what our role maybe in the future. “Parasite” presents alternative encounters with the natural world through the unexpected reclamation by nature of an urban space. The sculptural hybrid out of collected natural materials, predominantly palm seed fronds, will seems as though it has attached itself to a chosen tree in the precinct, as if it were growing the tree naturally.  The “Parasite” hijacks the moment of recognitions, making a suggestion of a possible future, one we are not feeling all too certain about. The work represents the idea of blurred boundaries by playing on notions of hybridise, complicating our comprehension of what we know and can classify a natural/alien, embodying the speculation of the ecological unknown as humans head towards the 23rd century.

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Louise Fowler-Smith 2014