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Sensory Garden opens to support learning for children of all abilities

Published: November 2nd, 2018 – Auburn Local News

A DAY of thrilling, child-focused activities and performances for the opening of a sensory garden for children of all abilities, were highlights of Settlement Services International (SSI) Children’s Week celebrations. An SSI community engagement initiative in partnership with Cumberland Council, the Auburn Friendship Garden’s Children’s Sensory Garden was officially opened by young ambassador Sophia Chalak who cut the ribbon with Opposition Leader and State MP for Auburn, Luke Foley. Awarded a grant by the NSW Government Community Building Partnership, SSI built the sensory garden to highlight the importance of the rights of all children to enjoy a happy childhood and for them to showcase their skills, abilities and talents or simply be themselves regardless of abilities. For the garden’s opening, children enjoyed a day of fun and play with free activities like arts and crafts, the Taronga Zoomobile, and the Tree Veneration Society where they learnt how to understand trees using their senses. Since 2015, the Friendship Gardeners have transformed barren, disused land on a green space for the community, into vegetables, flowers and friendships. For more info, go to

Why Listen to Plants (Lore, Honey, Saltwater)
Are plants conscious? We know that plants sense danger, threats, nutrients, light, insects, us – and each other. We know that some plants use soundwaves to sense their surroundings – identifying potential stakes, water sources and predators. Does this mean they listen? If they can listen, can they also somehow ‘speak’ – and if so, what might they be saying?

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Science Proves Hugging Trees Is Good for Health

According to the website true activist, it has now been confirmed by science that hugging trees can beneficially affect human health by altering vibrational frequency.
Article by: Amanda Froelich

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